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How to Choose a Criminal Defense Lawyer
     Choosing a criminal defense lawyer is not something most people have a lot of experience with. Nevertheless it is one of the most important decisions a person can make. Unfortunately the need to make such an important decision comes about when one is least prepared to think clearly and rationally. The emotions that swirl about a person when he is charged, or about to be charged, with a crime can easily overwhelm even the most secure individual. It is vital that a person accused of a crime have the best attorney he can find.  

So who is the best attorney?  

The best attorney to represent you must: 

       A) Know the law, backwards and forwards.
       B) Be able and willing to present your case to a judge, jury, and prosecutor
              in the most persuasive way possible. 
       C) Be able and willing to spend the time and effort necessary to throughly prepare your case.
       D) Spend the time with you to listen to your side of the situation, answer your questions 
              and make sure you have the information necessary to decide how to handle your case.

     Yes, hiring a defense attorney is an expensive proposition. However you should not be fooled
into thinking that the best attorney is necessarily the most expensive. Some attorneys charge exoribitant fees to pay for their high overhead. Some charge high fees simply to convince people that they are the best. On the other hand a criminal charge is not something you want to handle on the cheap. If an attorney is willing to handle a criminal charge for pennies on the dollar you must ask yourself, does he have the time or desire to give my case the attention it deserves? Or is he going to rush my case so he can get to the next?

     You should interview several attorneys to determine who you believe can best represent you. You need an attorney you can work with and one you trust to keep your interests at heart.