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Patrick M. Lewis         Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Patrick M. Lewis
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I approach every case with the idea that it will go to trial.  Most cases do not go, but unless your lawyer prepares your case for trial he will not be defending your rights from a position of strength.  Unfortunately too many lawyers assume that your case will simply plead out and they will not do the work required to get you the best possibe result.  By fully preparing your case and by making you a partner in your defense we will protect your rights, your freedom and your future.

It is also important for an attorney to remember that the final result of a criminal charge comes to his client.  Therefore the final decision on how to handle the case lies with the client.  I never forget that I am working for my client and will do my best to get him the result he chooses.
Committed to defending
your rights every step of the way!

1989 Emory University, Atlanta Georgia.  LL.M. in Litigation
     This advanced degree in trial work allowed me to begin my 
     practice with more experience than other law school graduates. 
     This intensive work in courtroom presentation has proven itself
     in numerous trials over the years.  It has also allowed me to teach
     both law students and lawyers in how to effectively present their

1988 Kansas University, Lawrence Kansas.  J.D. 
     Law school at KU prepared me for a life time of practice in
     Kansas courts.  I spent the majority of my time in classes
     dedicated to representing people in court and especially on
     criminal charges.

In 2008 Patrick entered private practice.  But that was not the begining of his defense work.  He has spent his entire career defending people accused of crimes in city, state and federal court.  His personal contact with clients allows him to discover the result his client wants and prepare the strongest defense options to achieve those desires.  Patrick spends the time required with each client and case to find the best possible results.  Numerous bench and jury verdicts of not guilty, suppression of evidence, dismissal of charges have brought Patrick's clients through their charges without the pain of conviction.  He has tried cases in Johnson County, Wyandotte County, Miami County, Douglas County and all across northeast Kansas.

1993 to 2011.  Patrick moved to the Johnson County Public Defender's Office in Olathe, Kansas, and moved from Assistant to Deputy Public Defender to Chief Public Defender.  He represented people charged with felonies and misdemeanors in Johnson County and Miami County and throughout north eastern Kansas.  When he left the office he had fifteen attorneys, seven paralegals and support staff and two full time investigators on his staff.

1989 to 1993.  Patrick began his career with the Sedgwick County Public Defender's Office in WIchita, Kansas.  There he defended people accused of property crimes and violent felonies, winning acquitals on charges through rape, aggravated kidnapping and murder.